Concept plans for Citizen’s Bank development Recently two different developers have brought proposals for apartments to the city. Both proposals are very early in the process and there are many, many details to be worked out before either of them break ground, and the possibility (although remote) that they do not move forward. Both buildings are for ‘market rate’ apartments, with final rents pending market studies conducted by each developer.

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The news of a proposal for a grocery store at the Terrace Mall (36th and Bottineau Blvd) has spurred lots of conversation in social media and in person. There seem to be some misconceptions or assumptions being made about the city’s role in this proposal and development in general. Hopefully this will answer some questions. The Proposal To reiterate, this is a proposal. There are still many elements and details that need to be resolved before decisions are made.

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Wicked News

Pulling into the back parking lot at 4165-4175 West Broadway sure didn’t feel much different. It’s been empty for a couple years now, and the trade mark white columns are a reminder of the former occupants long history at the site. But getting a quick tour of the empty interior held the potential for some dramatic changes along West Broadway. The Carlyle Group officially purchased the old TCF Bank building at 4165-4175 West Broadway on the morning of July 31st.

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I talk to a lot of people about Robbinsdale – co-workers primarily, but lots of other folks too. My family is pretty tired of it actually, but I never hesitate to ask people if they have been to one of our great restaurants, Hackenmueller’s, or any number of the other fantastic places in town. My informal poll has told me two things – anyone that has been here loves our downtown, and our city pride is well known.

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Shop Robbinsdale!

Being an engaged citizen of Robbinsdale, I am certain you are aware that the City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. And after the first meeting of each month, the council has been holding a regular work session. Work session’s differ from regular Council meetings in a number of ways – they are far less formal than regular meetings for one, and they allow council members to discuss ideas or concerns that may have popped up, but don’t require “official” action like a new ordinance or approval of funding.

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Rainbow Foods Closing

Three weeks ago word began spreading that the Rainbow at Terrace Mall (36th and Cty Road 81) would be closing. Since then the rumor mill has been cranking away! From North Memorial taking over the whole mall, to Rainbow being forced out. Mayor Murphy and I met with Terrace Mall property manager last week and he helped answer some questions for us. Rainbow will be closing in mid-April as their parent owner Roundy’s declined to renew the lease.

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