There has not been a lot of public information about the water main break since the second giant hole appeared on County Road 9 several weeks ago. This last week finally provided some answers on a number of fronts. The Joint Water Commission (a legal entity formed by the cities of Golden Valley, Crystal and New Hope) owns the pipe that broke and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the pipe.

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Every spring the emails start popping up, and the Facebook posts start appearing. “Cars are driving too fast down my road!” Or, “Cars never stop at that stop sign!” And sometimes, both. It is the number one complaint during the summer, since it is such a visible and naturally concerning issue. Almost all of us live in a residential neighborhood, and we watch as cars speed by and roll through stop signs.

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Recently I was driving down Bottineau Boulevard near Lakeview Terrace Park and noticed where there were once trees in the median, there are now only stumps. What a waste I thought, trees less than 2 years old and they never took, and now more money to replace, or worse they wouldn’t be replaced and the potential beautiful tree lined boulevard through Robbinsdale is lost. A quick email to the city’s Engineer and Director of Public Works Richard McCoy answered some questions for me.

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